Hotel Villa de Setenil - El Mirador Restaurant
The Hotel
Miguel Angel Mendoza, interior designer responsible for giving shape to the project, in what refers to the hotel, has imagined and developed a chromatic universe in 11 different rooms in wich combines light, colour and materials, creating with them a symphony of environments, in wich the art even has a place, finishing each stage with his personal artistic touch in the form of paintings.

On the another hand the only condition that set the direction was that the convenience and comfort of the client was the non-negotiable concept that underpin the design of each room leaving in the hands of Miguel all else.

Thus we find 11 equally comfortable and entertaining different rooms with the following equipment: LCD TV 22", telephone with wake-up service, air conditioning and heating, radiant floor with laminate flooring, desktop, auto-customizable ambient light, free Wi-Fi, some with terrace.
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