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Setenil de las Bodegas is famous for its dwellings built into rock overhangs above the Rio Trejo.

This small town (pueblo) is located 157 kilometres (98 mi) northeast of Cadiz. It has a distinctive setting along a narrow river gorge. The town extends along the course of the Rio Trejo with some houses being built into the rock walls of the gorge itself, created by enlarging natural caves or overhangs and adding an external wall.

Its landscape comprises gently undulating fields of cereals and olive trees, across which the River Guadalporcun flows.

The village stands on a slope which cascades down from the Castle alongside the river. Its main attraction lies in the beauty and originality of its streets, particularly in the lower part, where the houses, in the manner of semi-troglodytic dwellings, take advantage of the shelter of the rocks in the gorge created by the river. Also of interest are the fortress and La Encarnacion Church.

Over the intervening centuries, Setenil gained a reputation for its meat products, particularly chorizo sausage and cerdo (pork) from pigs bred in the surrounding hills. As well as meat, it has a reputation for producing fine pasteles (pastries), and its bars and restaurants are among the best in the region. Its outlying farms also provide Ronda and other local towns with much of their fruit and vegetables.

Setenil's major festival is the festival of its patron saint, Sebastian, on 20 January. It celebrates Carnaval with every other village in February, prior to Lent. Its annual feria takes place in the first week of August. Semana Santa is very famous, above all.

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